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To extend the love of God once offered to use to those not connected to a church by guiding one another to the path of righteousness through Jesus Christ. The gospel is our way of ministering to people anywhere and everywhere. 

Outreach Ministry

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Health & Wellness

Our ministry is here to make sure our gems understand health as an essential part of serving God. As a church we are a body and connected in spirit so we need to make sure we are aware of healthy living and is setting the foundation of purpose, positive self-image and love amongst one another.  

Healthy mind, Healthy Spirit. 

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Creativity Ministry

As a creative ministry our mission is to visually advertise truth. We are here to promote God in ways people can connect by innovating and imagination. Creativity enhances our ability to minister to others and broadens our perspectives on solutions that can be life changing.

A place of worship.

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Culinary Ministry 

The culinary ministry is dedicated to show its care, compassion and love for God’s people by not only providing a  nutritious meal but also a delightful  delicacy.  

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Senior Ministry

The senior citizen ministry is dedicated to uplifting those who are unable to attend regularly scheduled church services outside of their home. Our mission is to go beyond the walls of the physical church and becoming the living church by sharing the spiritual song, encouragement, prayer and fellowshipping with those in the senior community.. 

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